Last night I got a text asking if Macey would like to get slurpees after dinner with her friend.  This friend is a little boy who my 3 year old adores, and since his family has been gone most of the summer she hasn’t seen him in weeks.  So I asked her if she wanted to go get slurpees with her friend and she immediately says she’s going on a “date” with her “boyfriend”.

As if that wasn’t traumatizing enough for me, she then grabbed chapstick and started applying it to her mouth/face while telling her sister “I’m going on a date and you aren’t”.  My 6 year old responded with “I’m older than you, so I should be going on a date, not you!”  Here I am naively thinking that I had at least 9 more years before they started going on dates with boys!

So my 3 year old applied her chapstick, asked me to put her hair in a bun, and picked out her favorite boho chic dress (it’s not actually bohemian at all, simply says boho chic…pretty sure if I tried to put a flower crown on her she’d destroy it and stomp on the flowers…or play a game of he loves me, he loves me not).  As we walked to get slurpees, these two toddlers thinking they are teenagers held hands.

Since her “boyfriend” lives a block closer to 7-11 we walked them home first.  As this little boy ran to his gate, Macey got mad and yelled “MY DATES NOT OVER YET!”  Being the asshole I am, I told her she’s correct, “because a gentleman always walks a lady to the door after a date.”  Of course since this gentleman is only 3, and had to go potty, he decided the date was over and left!  So what does my little girl do?  She shrugs her shoulders, yells “I LOVE YOU!” and turns to start walking home.

When we got home, she proudly told her daddy and sister all about her date as she finished her slurpee.  Here I am thinking my little girl is growing up way to fast…but it was hilarious to watch…and I hope she is always this confident and assertive.

And a note to her future boyfriends: Always walk her to the door after a date because she will gladly point out your error in etiquette…but clearly still love you.